Sporty mix


Type: Sporty Mix

Age: Adult

Sex: Female

Size: Medium

Color: Tan/Light Brown

House Trained: Yes

Health: Vaccinated

Sporty came to us as Spotty, but as she doesn’t have any spots we changed her name.. She is a young spayed female who had a happy beginning as a very young pup in Nomzamo. All the neighbours loved her and encouraged her by throwing out their scraps of food. As she grew she became less and less popular and when she started to poo after eating she was shoo’d away. She then got pregnant and gave birth… over the road from her owner.. Her owner didnt want to deal with any more complaints about this poor girl so called me to take them all away. She was very malnourished and her nipples were bleeding. How hard it must have been to understand why the people who fed her and loved her suddenly were chasing her away… She is a playful and friendly pooch.

Sporty is a medium size adult female, mix breed.

Hi Future Owner!

I’m so friendly, give me a home please!


Love, Sporty

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