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There are all kinds of way that you can help us. We need people to supervise our lovely rescue animals at local markets at our Adopt-a-Pet stall, people to share our posts on Facebook, people to fundraise, people to help market our charity. Please contact us if you wish to help but aren’t sure how.

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Township Animal Rescue transforms the lives of countless animals every week, giving hope to those who otherwise would have none. Our approach is proactive and determined in the face of adversity, and aims at first and foremost giving immediate help those who need it, coupled with educating those who don’t know how to help, and the long term goal of preventing further generations of unnecessary suffering through sterilisation of the animals.

We have the ability to take things into our own hands and change them for the better.

Animals in the South African townships don’t have this luxury… Fortunately, there are passionate people that help these creatures that everyone seems to have forgotten. Thank you for visiting our site, and more than anything else… thank you for caring!

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